Professor Dennis Paul

For questions or appointments write to d.paul(at)
Professor Dennis Paul is located in Room 2 10.040

Areas of Interest ( Selected, as of 2016.04 )

  • The Crafts + The Digital: Researching Possible Collaboration between Artisians and Interaction Designers/Media Artists
  • Hacking as an Artistic/Design Practice
  • Media Lies: Fabricating Situations and Object to Create Bubbles of Plausible Fictions
  • Design Fictions: Looking at Interaction Design as a Strategy for Dis-/Utopistic
  • Design + Speculations ( with a focus on new forms of staging such speculation )
  • Domestic Robotics: Research on Non-Work Related Applications of Robotic Technologies.
  • Interaction Design for Non-Humans: Non-Human Centered Design. Designing for and Utilizing the Potential of Everything but Humans.
  • Artgames / Not-Games
  • Technology + Rituals
  • Critical Visualizations
  • New Muscial Instruments ( as Expert Interfaces )

Supervised Theses ( Selected, as of 2016.04 )



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a more comprehensive list of supervised bachelor and master theses can be found on the Digital Media website: