Integrated Development Environments

[ Integrated Development Environments] or short IDEs are essentially advanced text editors made specifically for programming.

Very much depending on what you want to do [ Processing] ( including spin-offs like [ Arduino] and [ Mobile Processing] ) is a very good tool for beginners. It is limited in features compared to others IDEs but that is the beauty of it. For more advanced users, interested in Java and C++ developement, [ Eclipse] is very interesting. [ Netbeans] is somewhat similar to Eclipse, in terms of features and supported programming languages ( ‘‘On a personal note, Netbeans appears to be a bit more streamlined and focused than Eclipse; definitely my IDE of choice’’, Dennis Paul ). For real hardcore developers [ vim] is tool of choice ;)

'’All of the IDEs mentioned above are open-source and available on at least Mac OS X, Linux and Windows.’’

For iPhone and Mac OS X specific development the proprietary [ Xcode] is pretty much the only choice.

If you are interested in [ openFrameworks] you should consider Xcode when developing on Mac OS X or Visual Studio when developing on Windows.

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