Getting Started With Things



the [ artist system] holds information about the courses at hfk: digital media, integriertes design, freie kunst and musik.

the »Veranstaltungsverzeichnis Digitale Medien WS2010-11« can be found [ here].


Jukka Boehm

he is the »Werkstattleiter«. he knows a lot about the mechanics of the digital media program and about the internal hfk mechanics. he can also help with electronics and the lasercutter. he is located in room 2 10.??? or write him an email [ Jukka Boehm].

Nuri Ovüc

he is lecturing in the digital media program and has a very good understanding of the internal hfk mechanics. write an mail to [ Nuri Ovüc] if you need his help.


Mac Labstudents can print on a b-w-laserprinter in room 2 11.070. remember to bring your own paper. also you need a keycard to access the room.

Druckerpoolalso you can print ( even in color and huge formats ) at the »druckerpool« in room 3 10.020. but remember to bring some money. »druckerpool« is a stundent initiative.


Numberingthere is a system to the way the rooms are numbered. for example:

'’2 10.050’’ means floor number 2 ( remember we start with floor number 1 not the usual »Erdgeschoss« ), section 10 and room number 050. section are numbered increasing from east to west ( east is where the main entrance is located ).

Accesstalk to the »Empfang« (Reception) or »Pförtner« (Gatekeeper) about the »Raumkarten«(Keycard). Ask your teacher to grant you access to a certain room, usually by sending a mail with keycard number and room number. the teacher will forward the information to [ Angela Granda]. she is the one you also need to contact if you ever loose your keycard.

ITthe IT-department is located in room 3 08.050. you can talk to them if you have trouble with the W-LAN and your HfK email account.