Field of Interests

the following is a collection of topics and fields Prof Dennis P Paul is interested in as an interaction designer and new media artist:

programm + raum

new media is interesting where it intersects/overlaps with the physical / rule-sets, algorithms, and programs create possibility spaces rather than monolithic, finished things / screens are not enough, they leaves us with a void

signature of the digital

there are intrinsic properties in the digital material / our increased interaction with the digital raises expectations towards the physical world: the digital is talking back to us / digital mechanics presented in non-digital form oftentimes yield something humoristic or clever / looking at the world through the eyes of the digital is a source of inspiration and at the same time a coping mechanism

non-normal data visualization

exploring the edges of data visualization by juxtaposing new aesthetic, programs and the physical / contemporary visualizations, often suffer from the abscence of the body; data is virtual, non-physical but we are not / what does data actually feel, smell or sound like? or should it at all?

interaction design as performance

designed artifacts imply and cater for certain actions and situations: these new interactions can be look at as performances / the promisse of early interactive art were flawed: there is no audience that becomes part of an artwork. it creates spectacles and more often then not turns the audience hyperactive monkeys but what can we experience when an expert ( actor, musician, … ) acts or maps out a possibility space?

new muscial instruments (NMI)

( expert interfaces + nmi )

critical engineering

using technology and technological expertise to formulate educated critique on (new) technology / contemplating the technical infrastructure we rely upon so heavily but that has become invisible /

design as inquiry

exploring design as method for inquiry / what non-linguistic perspective we formulate can we through the creation of artifacts / speculative design / design as philosophical inquiry

robotic systems

the convergence topic brigding between physical and virtual; robots are computers with sensors and actuators on wheels / the perfect foundation for collaborations between designers, artists, scientists and engineers ( i.e Uni and HfK )

@DISCLAIMER( the collection of examples is by nature never up to date. )