School of Funny Machines

The School of Funny Machines (SoFM) is a one week assessment camp ( workshop IRL ) to explore and validate the humoristic potential of all forms of machines and automata. Subjects of research include kinetic machines, digital dadaism, absurd logic, slapstick mechatronics, paranoid androids™, expressive turing machines, neurotic gadgets, drunken deep learning, pataphysical clockworks and divisions by zero.

The workshop will take place during the lecture free period in late september. We are very optimistic that by this time of the year we have faced and passed the worst of the pandemic and will be able to meet in person in a physical space to have a one week of intense thinking, making, discussing, problem solving and laughing.

The workshop is open to all Master and Bachelor students of the Digital Media Program. The number of particiapants is limited to a maximum of 15 students. Depending on the demand students from other programs ( Integrated Design, Fine Art and Music ) will be eligible for participation, too.

  • scheduled date of the workshop: MON 2020-09-28 – SUN 2020-10-01 ( full day )
  • final presentation and/or exhibition: beginning of the winter semester
  • all dates are subject to change due to measures regarding the COVID-19 pandemic

Visit School of Funny Machines @ DM Blogs for further information.