Raw Data, Material Narration

Within the concept of data lies a paradox: while data is the basal, immutable, and atomic building block of a virtual, computable and disembodied world, it can never be fully detached from the material world. At some point down the line, data interacts with material, in one way or the other.

Similarly hidden ( or implicit ) are patterns, meaning, stories, intentions, or even politics within data. Intended or not, such connotations are always inscribed into data. »There’s no such thing as raw data« they say.

These two observations serve as our leitmotifs, when looking at databases, data streams, and datasets as resources, starting points, or inspirations for our own works.

In this project we will query methods of Physical Data Visualizations to explore and engage with the materiality and the narratives of data. We will uncover datasets, produce data streams, or harvest databases in order to conceive and realize works like for example Data Sculptures, Measuring Instruments, or Kinetic Installations.

First session is on 17.10.2018, 10:00.