Presentations: Presenting Works


in art+design context presentations are ( or have become ) a pillar of the practice. whether studios or persons, portfolios, individual works or ideas; everythings demands to be presented … in an entertaining way that is. but wait! is that really necessary? are the ways in which we present not very conservative and rigid? is every presentation ( willingly or unwillingly ) not a piece of designed communication or a performance?

in this class we will concern ourselves with presentations in particular with the presentation of works. we will start the class by looking at other artists’ and designers’ presentations, discuss current forms of presentations as well as methods, tools and formats of how to present, only to then direct our attention, in the second half of this class, to your presentations and presentation skills.

apart from participating vividly in discussions in the class, you will also be asked to reflect on your own presentation skills and style, as well as rethink, redesign, reflect upon, and maybe challenge them in order to eventually deliver your own presentation … in whatever shape or form that might be.

see blog for additional information.