• infrastructure thrives on potentials
  • infrastructure is ever only realized through it s use
  • infrastructure must lure into desiring possible futures
  • infrastructure is empathic
  • infrastructure thrives on altruism but is not limited to such notions
  • infrastructure may be critical or disruptive
  • infrastructure may connect to existing infrastructures
  • infrastructure may hack existing infrastructures
  • infrastructure may not reveal itself as an art/design work immediately or ever
  • infrastructure is not confined to wikipedia’s description of infrastructure
  • infrastructure lurks below and hovers above at the same time
  • infrastructure is the “native material underneath a constructed pavement”

in this class we will work with the notion of infrastructure as artistic and design device.

if interested in participating in this project please send an email to or register via artist.

the first session takes place on 11.04.2019 in room 2_11.100.